Who we are

We are an experienced production and trading company specializing in export of agricultural and food products to many countries all over the world. We have been on the market since 1988.

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Contractus Warszawa

Contractus Warszawa specializes in export of Polish dairy products to international markets.

We export milk powder, whey powder, fat filled milk powder, butter, milk fat, whey protein concentrates, milk protein.


Contractus Stopki

Contractus Stopki is a company engaged in agricultural production. In our fields we grow wheat, triticale, rapeseed and sugar beets.

Contractus Sokółka

Contractus Sokółka, Sales Office in Białystok, sells agricultural machinery and spare parts to customers in the domestic market and also exports agricultural machinery to other countries.

We export and import pork, beef and industrial products for food production. 

Contractus Bezledy

Contractus Bezledy manufactures feed for turkeys, chickens and swine.